Sandbox Roundtable Net

                                              Welcome to the Sandbox Roundtable...

     This is a daily gathering commencing at 1830 hours [ET] through 1930 hours on 3733 Kilohertz LSB, and although SSB is our primary mode, controllers will recognize CW or will have you relayed in.

     All are welcomed to check-in and invited to participate in any of the roundtable discussions on
subjects that are deemed acceptable within the Amateur Radio Fraternity.

     The origination of the Sandbox Net was back in 1990 by brothers Dave and Paul Uttaro, when Dave moved from Quebec to the Maritimes they started a daily schedule and soon many other interested Amateurs joined in. Periodically, during some long sessions, nature would call and operators would announce, “got to go to the sandbox”… hence the name.

     Anyone with comments, suggestions or questions with regard to the Sandbox Roundtable Network is asked to contact our Network Manager Cliff VA3CAF or Webmaster Mike VE3YF.
Netmngr (at)
Webmaster (at)